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Natural Selection Particle System Guide
Part One - Basic Worldcraft Setup


Part One - Basic Worldcraft Setup
Part Two - In Game Editing
Part Three - The Basic Sliders
Part Four - Advanced Sliders
Part Five - Generation Shapes
Part Six - Velocity Shapes
Part Seven - Worldcraft Class Info
Part Eight - Worldcraft Flags
First, load up Worldcraft.  Build a simple box room, and add a light and a player start.  Then, add the env_particles_custom entity.  You'll have to do some simple customization here, but I'll walk you through it.  First, give your particle system a name in the Name field.  For now, lets just call it "test".  Second, pick a particle sprite in the Particle sprite field.  For our purposes, browse to your Half-Life\nstr\sprites folder and pick "hera_fog.spr."  Then, go to the flags menu.  Make sure you check the "start on" box.  It might also be a good idea to check the "particle density" and "collide" boxes as well, though these aren't exactly necessary.  I'll explain what each of the fields on the flags and class info menus means later on.  But now, all you need to do is to compile and run your map.  Make sure that you compile with the following necessary parameters:  "-dev -console -sv_cheats 1 -game nstr"

Copyright 2002 by Martin Rolek.