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Natural Selection Particle System Guide
Part Four - Advanced Sliders


Part One - Basic Worldcraft Setup
Part Two - In Game Editing
Part Three - The Basic Sliders
Part Four - Advanced Sliders
Part Five - Generation Shapes
Part Six - Velocity Shapes
Part Seven - Worldcraft Class Info
Part Eight - Worldcraft Flags

Control (Second Slider) - The two values for this slider are generation and velocity.  When it is set to generation, the third, fourth and fifth sliders will control where the particle system generates from.  When it is set to velocity, the third, fourth, and fifth slider will control the velocity and direction of the particles.

Shape (Third Slider) - The four values for this slider are point, box, sphere, and blob.  Depending on the value of the second slider, this will give the generation or the velocity shape.  More detail on the shapes will come later.  Note: If you set the particle system to generate in an entity, this slider will be locked.

Params (Fourth Slider) - The values here range from 1 to 8.  This number controls which parameter gets altered in the next slider.

Param (Fifth Slider) - The values for this slider range from -199 to 200.  Only one of the parameters will be changed at a time, corresponding to the parameter number in the previous slider.  Also, the different parameters have different functions, depending on the shape and whether it's generation or velocity.  One thing that is constant is that the last two sliders don't appear to have any function.  But keep them at zero to be safe.  More information on this will come later.

Copyright 2002 by Martin Rolek.